Flyboard: Beginner tips
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Flyboard is a relatively new sport, so new techniques are learned every day. However, the basics are easy to learn and, though it looks hard, it really isn’t. Here’s what you should know before going surfing in the sky by flyboarding in Cancun.


Before getting into the water we suggest bringing a comfortable bathing suit, sunblock and a change of clothes. Remember to leave everything that might fall off at the dock or it will be hard not to lose that stuff once your up in the air.


What you should know first hand is that flyboard is not a sport of strength, but of balance. To hold your balance there’s no better way than to keep calm and breathe rhythmically.


Keep your legs straight and your eyes to the horizon to go up, and simply flex a leg when you want to change directions.


flyboard tour cancun

Once you have a hold of the board, you must find yourself in a vertical position to start ascending. Your toes, and chest will help you balance forward, and your butt to balance backwards.


Don’t take off your helmet! It helps more than you could imagine.


Follow the safety instruction to guarantee an amazing experience flyboarding in Cancun!


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July 14, 2018
I don’t usually read a lot of blogs, but I was desperate to find some answers. My boyfriend was obsessed with the idea of trying out the Flyboard on our vacation in Cancun, and in spite of telling him how scared I was, I just said yes. The reservation was made, and I had to prepare, so I watched a bunch of videos about it and then I found this blog. “Flyboard: Beginner tips”, just what I needed! I followed most of the tips I read and found out they really helped. It ended up being such an amazing experience, nothing I had ever tried before. It was really fun, even though I did fall many times, I ended up getting the hang of it. It was great!

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