Mother’s Day is just around the corner and your responsibility as a son or daughter is to make her day as special as possible. Don’t think about this year’s gift too much and invite her to live an amazing and fun experience with the several aquatic activities that you can find in Cancun. 1.- Jungle

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to walk on water? Well, we have no answer yet, however we’ve found a way to run past the waves in astonishing speed! A powerful machine will take you on cancun’s most extreme tour. Rent a waverunner in Cancun! Find your way through the sea or make your

Flyboard is a relatively new sport, so new techniques are learned every day. However, the basics are easy to learn and, though it looks hard, it really isn’t. Here’s what you should know before going surfing in the sky by flyboarding in Cancun.   Before getting into the water we suggest bringing a comfortable bathing

The blue flag certificate is an international eco-label that establishes a coastal environment to a standard of great quality, safety and access. Cancun happens to be the leader all around Mexico in number of beaches with this certificate (7 as of march 2018). In this list we will show you where you can find these

We often hear people saying that the sea is good for you, and they try to sell us stuff by saying it has the minerals of the ocean. It has even become oddly common to see people on social media claiming they “need vitamin Sea” and while the word play works rhetorically, where does all

The ocean is often referred to as a completely different world. Many people never get to explore it and their only reference lives in movies and pictures. However, once you get the chance to meet the amazing creatures of the sea face to face, and swim alongside them, you’ll get a new sense of understanding

Spring Break is finally here and we couldn’t help but notice most of you are doing it all wrong! Don’t get us wrong, you should have fun and enjoy responsibly, but there’s so much more you aren’t doing, so here we’ll leave a list of Spring Break tips you should take into account:   Beach

Being on a vacation comes with a feeling of freedom and adventure all along. The sense of being finally free from responsibilities and the exact moment to try new things and break up with your ordinary routine. When you’re vacationing in a place as full of natural beauty and exciting activities like Cancun, you have

Breathing underwater can be so breathtaking… (Oh the irony) I really thought humans were limited to contemplate the sea from afar, and actually, it didn’t bother me at all. The “fact” that joining the underwater world and creatures was reserved for professional scuba divers and maybe some mutants was really a given, and it never

If you are planning to stay in Cancun on this Christmas holidays, that is a good choice! Caribbean is a great place to spend your holidays during this special time of the year. There’s a good weather, some of the most beaufitul beaches in the world and the possibility to have unforgettable moments in a