5 reasons why ocean water is good for you
health benefits of ocean water

We often hear people saying that the sea is good for you, and they try to sell us stuff by saying it has the minerals of the ocean. It has even become oddly common to see people on social media claiming they “need vitamin Sea” and while the word play works rhetorically, where does all this information come from? Well, here are some of the reasons (factual) why ocean water is good for your health.


1.  Improves breathing

The low pressure that comes with being at a sea level city is already beneficial for your breathing. You’ll find you’ll tire less, and will be able to breathe “lighter” air. This exponentially grows when you find yourself at the beach. There is no fresher air than in the sea breeze that fills your lungs while your feet contact the earth through the warm sand.


2. Cicatrization and healing properties

A natural revitalization comes with the minerals in sea water. In this case, the iodine and sodium work greatly healing and cicatrizing the skin. It’s actually a therapeutic technique as it is cleansing all around for your body.


3. Helps reduce insomnia

Added to its relaxing nature, a day at the beach will help normalize your blood pressure, the sun exposure, and the tiredness that comes after swimming will help you sleep like a baby after a day of pure calm and relaxation.


4. Cleanse your skin

The minerals previously mentioned in addition to the sun exposure will help eradicate acne, ulcers and other skin diseases. Ocean water’s cleansing nature works its magic on your skin and body in a completely natural way.


5. Boost your immune system

Swimming in the sea’s salty water will increase the number of red and white cells in your body to over 15%. This helps as a natural therapy or medicine for people with a deficient immune system, and it can even help cure flu and other seasonal illnesses.


Now that we know some of the facts behind all those legends of the sea’s magical healing waters, lets go get that famous “Vitamin Sea”!

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