4 incredible sea creatures you could find while snorkeling in Cancun
creatures found in cancun

The ocean is often referred to as a completely different world. Many people never get to explore it and their only reference lives in movies and pictures. However, once you get the chance to meet the amazing creatures of the sea face to face, and swim alongside them, you’ll get a new sense of understanding of the world and wildlife, and you’ll get why the sea has been a source of inspiration for as long as we’ve been alive. Here, you’ll find some of the creatures you might bump along the way in a majestic journey snorkeling in Cancun.

The Manta Ray

manta ray in cancun

Also known as the “devilfish” for its horn-shaped fins that give this harmless animal an evil look. A gracious creature that seems to fly through the water with their wing-like body. These beauties can grow to around 23 ft. though they tend to be a bit smaller in the Caribbean.

The Sea Turtle

Turtle in cancun

Cancun has the fortune to receive 4 different species of turtles every year to spawn on its beaches. It’s common to see this wonderful creatures through the coral reef, where they aren’t shy as they flap their fins in a rhythmic grace.


starfishes in cancun

This bizarre creatures live along the coral reef. Their striking shape and colors are a visual display of the wonders of nature. They are one of the most mysterious creatures of the sea and the oldest fossil goes back to 450 million years ago!

Whale Shark

whale sharks cancun

This carpet shark was named “whale shark” for it’s incredible size that reaches that of some species of whales and for its filter feeding nature. As big as it is, and for the irrational fame that has been given to sharks, they might seem like a creature you wouldn’t want to encounter. However, this giants only feed of plankton and are completely harmless for humans.

All of the wonders of the sea will surely leave you in awe. Snorkeling in Cancun alongside giants is an experience that ranges all the way from exhilarating to truly humbling. Remember to take care of the wildlife and respect the animals as they’ll respect you, to make this the most rewarding of memories.

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