How to do Spring Break the right way
spring break cancun 2018

Spring Break is finally here and we couldn’t help but notice most of you are doing it all wrong! Don’t get us wrong, you should have fun and enjoy responsibly, but there’s so much more you aren’t doing, so here we’ll leave a list of Spring Break tips you should take into account:


Beach Destination

It’s spring, and most importantly, Spring Break. If your feet aren’t deep into the sand and salty water, you’re doing it wrong. We root for caribbean beaches and we can’t help but to highlight our own Cancun, international home of the Spring Break. However, the focus here is enjoying the sun and spring weather while sitting on a beautiful beach.


Do at least one thing for the first time

Think about something you’ve always wanted to do, but hadn’t had the opportunity or fear was holding you back. Spring break is the time to do it. A new air of freedom circles the environment, and this is your moment to jump into new experiences. Here we’ll hand you a list of things you could do with us for the first time, here in Cancun.


Enjoy responsibly

Sorry, I know I’m not your dad to tell you what to do, but really… through the years, an impossible amount of accidents have happened that could’ve been avoided if they’d just drank a little less. At the end of the day, only you know how much is enough, but try to keep your head at all times to let this vacation be a happy memory instead of turning into an accident.


Respect the city

No one likes being called out in their own home. Clean up after yourself and try to be nice to the locals. This way, they’ll be nice to you in return and you’ll be amazed by how many doors will open for you. Befriend a couple tour guides and you’ll see amazing places, plus they’ll be happy to see you another time. This way you’ll be sure to have something to do whenever you visit the city.


More life, less pictures

We all want to share how good a time we’re having. Technology this days allows us to do so with an unprecedented immediacy. However, try to live in the moment as much as you can. Sometimes we forget to see the view by trying to fit it into our cameras. Take pictures, but take your time to keep the memories alive in your mind.

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